Datacentre Infrastructure

  • Scalability
  • | Visibility
  • | Control

Getting real business value from datacentre infrastructure starts at the planning stage. Work with us to minimise TCO and maximise ROI from day one, while delivering the services and reliability your business depends on.

We specialise in data centre infrastructure so you know you have a highly available, responsive platform powering your business applications. Focus on delivering business systems and leave the uptime to us.

  • Converged Infrastructure
  • Virtualisation
  • Compute
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Co-location facilities
    • Free up your valuable IT resources with simplified and unified management
    • Lower the costs of your infrastructure through shared platforms
    • Scalably and flexibly respond to your business opportunities
    • Optimise performance
    • Increase agility
    • Reduce your infrastructure footprint
    • Increase server intelligence
    • Accelerate server deployment
    • Simplify management
    • Meet the growing needs of applications
    • Stay secure and compliant
    • Discover cloud networking
    • Employ tiered storage
    • Provide cost-effective capacity and performance
    • Meet governance requirements
    • Take your first steps toward the benefits of the cloud
    • Increase redundancy through multi-site hosting
    • Enjoy world-class IT on a budget

Business Continuity & DR

  • Vigilance
  • | Prevention
  • | Responsiveness

The core of your business is its data, systems and people. If the worst should happen, business survival relies on having key systems operational in short time frames with limited staff. Our approach spans people, processes and technology to make sure that whatever happens, your organization will be back in business with limited disruption.

The best plans mean nothing without testing. We design and implement effective, scalable solutions that provide testing, reporting and audit capabilities so you can be sure that you can recover your data and systems and confidently predict how long return to operations will take.

  • DR & Automated Recovery
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Data archiving
    • Design, implementation and ongoing management
    • Comprehensive system integrations using best-of-breed technologies
    • Enable site failover, failback and full DR testing capabilities
    • Comply with policies and regulations
    • Promote operational efficiency
    • Minimise operational and capital expenditures
    • Get rapid access to archived data
    • Control data growth
    • Reduce complexity with lower costs

Security & Identity

  • Protection
  • | Authentication
  • | Compliance

Whether it’s protecting you from online threats, or enabling enterprise grade networks, we can help you align your solutions to clear business objectives.

We can help you manage user identity/authentication inside your enterprise network or out in the cloud - higher security doesn’t mean higher complexity, we can show you how.

  • Threat Management
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Connectivity
    • Security and Threat Management solutions for your enterprise that enables business productivity
    • Application and user-centric visibility of your corporate traffic
    • Managed security services allowing your team to focus on strategic business function
    • Extend enterprise-level user-authentication to your online software solutions
    • Increase security by simplifying multi-factor authentication and eliminating the use of passwords
    • Definitive user access control on your local enterprise network
    • Network connectivity solutions to address the business requirements
    • Data networking with a focus on application delivery
    • Design, deployment and management of enterprise-grade network infrastructures

Cloud Solutions

  • Agility
  • | Flexibility
  • | Cost-control

For many businesses, cloud can be a big step. No matter how big or small your steps into the cloud, we can help you understand what it means for your business and show you how to get there faster and with less risk, so that you realise the enormous benefits sooner.

We can start you on your journey by integrating the best of what works into your existing datacentre. Then we’ll work with you to experiment with the cloud before you invest and implement - which means that at the end of the day, you reach the promise of the cloud faster and with significantly less risk.

  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Cloud Backup
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery
    • Enhance your business by offering the choice of where you run workloads
    • Mobilise your workload to meet business demand
    • Maintain control of your data while leveraging the benefits of the public cloud
    • Automate common tasks to reduce costs and risk
    • Respond to your business through the ability to achieve more with less
    • Free up your IT resources from low–business value, repeatable tasks
    • Secure and protect your data so it’s easily recovered
    • Enable a low cost and scalable solution to your business for long term storage protection of data
    • Starting the cloud journey can be daunting – backup to the cloud can be an easy and quick way to start!
    • Reduce the cost of disaster-recovery solution by only paying when you need it
    • Improve the scalability of your disaster recovery by taking advantage of the scale of cloud so that it grows as your business grows
    • Ensure that any Cloud DR solution meets your compliance and security requirements

IT Services

  • Design
  • | Implementation
  • | Management

This is at the core of our customer’s success – an ability to see the big picture for your business, then deliver and manage the solution.

We focus on the bedrock of your IT platforms so you can focus on your business.

  • Managed Services
  • Project Services
  • Expert Assessment
    • Reduce costs while improving efficiency and productivity
    • Benefit from our global experience
    • Drive real cost-savings in your business
    • Enjoy quality assurance built into the delivery process
    • Accelerate migrations
    • Reduced risk, cycle time and risk of failure
    • Backup & DR
    • Network & Security
    • Hybrid Cloud