VMtech’s MultiCloud Network is a managed solution which enables an organisation to rapidly and cost-effectively extend the corporate network and securely connect to multiple Cloud Service Providers without the complexity.

Our MultiCloud Network is available nationally and provides access to leading providers including Azure, O365, AWS, IBM, Google, and VMtechs’ own Cloud Services. Backed by our team of Network, Security and Cloud experts we ensure seamless implementation and guaranteed uptime.


No one Cloud Provider has the best offering for each business requirement,the most effective strategy has you consuming services from several providers. Solving the problem of how to connect to multiple providers effectively is complex and time consuming, that’s where we come in with our Multicloud network.

Each Cloud Provider has unique technology and capabilities. The process to design and implement network connectivity is a daunting task when doing it for the first time and requires significant investment in hardware and time. A specialist provider can shortcut this process, avoid mistakes and provide ongoing management.

To implement secure and private Cloud network integration, high-end networking and security equipment is provided. To achieve high-availability the equipment must be redundant and hosted in suitable facilities. A specialist provider will gain economies of scale through multitenancy and pass this on as cost savings.

A MultiCloud Service provider has the infrastructure and know-how ready to go. Integrating can be as simple as a datacentre cross connect then your business can start realising the benefits of the Cloud.