There's a story behind every customer's success

There's a story behind every customers success

Customer Stories

FlexPod transforms Shimano’s IT infrastructure into a scalable, reliable and efficient platform

VMtech delivers infrastructure overhaul for rapidly expanding manufacturer and distributor of sporting and lifestyle products


Lifestyle Sporting Goods


Consolidation of two businesses into a single purpose-built facility, exchanging legacy servers with a cloud-based ready infrastructure


NetApp and Cisco’s Flexpod integrated computing, networking and storage solution combined with VMtech’s Managed Services & Cloud Services


Significant and quantifiable increase in the scalability, efficiency and reliability of both Shimano’s computing and storage systems

Solution delivered in partnership with:

Shimano Australia reaches for IT Agility and Operational Efficiencies with VMtech Managed Services and Hosted DR

The Business Challenge

Shimano manufactures fishing and cycling products, everything from rods, reels, apparel, components, accessories and spares. In Australia, these were two separate small companies, which Shimano acquired. Pre-merger, the companies were spread over three physical locations and were using separate ageing IT systems. Shimano’s plan was to purpose-build an automated distribution centre and consolidate both companies staff and products onto a single IT platform that would provide reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Shimano required its new infrastructure to be able to effortlessly scale regardless of how far the company exceeded its business growth projections.

Challenges included:

  • The individual fishing and cycling companies ran
    disparate legacy IT infrastructures, which required
  • There was a severe lack of server capacity and disk
    space, so IT teams spent a significant amount
    of their time maintaining and upgrading the physical
  •  Shimano wanted to deploy an ERP system
    that would standardise the operations and reporting
    procedures for the newly merged entity
  • New Zealand branch to be opened

Why FlexPod?

Shimano’s IT Manager Tim Clarke performed a formal analysis of both the fishing and cycling companies systems. He decided that in order to fulfil Shimano’s short and long-term business objectives, Shimano’s IT infrastructure needed a complete overhaul so the two separate companies could reside on a single, shared IT platform.
Clarke partnered with VMtech because he believed they were best suited to not only design and deploy the new IT infrastructure, but also provide a fully managed service, allowing his team to take a mainly ‘hands off’ approach.

After considering various alternatives, Shimano and VMtech decided to replace the company’s entire IT infrastructure with Flexpod, which is an integrated computing, storage and networking solution by NetApp and Cisco.

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Customer Testimonial

“We couldn’t hire the sort of talent that VMtech have, I don’t have the head-count to do what they do. Day one we walked in everything was working, the infrastructure and automation system was up and running. It all worked out very, very well. Return on investment has been great. For what we pay VMtech it’s definitely better than what I could do inhouse"

Tim Clarke, IT Manager, Shimano Oceania Holdings

Datacentre & Infrastructure

FlexPod transforms Shimano’s IT infrastructure into a scalable, reliable and efficient platform

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