Sprawl and diversity of systems used by businesses these days has required an adjustment in authentication/authorisation methods to maintain a secure, manageable (scalable) environment.

The use of tokenised federated authentication/authorisation systems provides enhancements in both security, scale, manageability and reduces the number passwords users need to memorise.

VMTech Identity Services Provide:

Business Benefits:

  • Secure Single Sign-On
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Universal Directory
  • Real-time Security Reporting
  • Identity API for integration into custom web projects/ platforms

Protect Against Data Breaches
Redefine security with modern identity.

Collaborate with Partners
Shorten time to productivity when integrating with partner infrastructure.

Reduce IT Friction
Eliminate disruptions that prevent employee access to resources.

Increase M&A Agility
Integrate quickly, securely, and without disruptions.

Secure, Seamless Customer Experience
Protect customer accounts, increase marketing effectiveness, and go live faster with modern Customer Identity Management (CIAM).

Enable a Mobile Workforce
Connect employees to the right apps and information – when and where they need it – from the device of their choice.

Build 100% Cloud and Mobile IT
Reduce costs and drive growth with a cloud and mobile first strategy.

Modernize Enterprise IT
Enhance agility and drive growth.