With the rapid evolution of digitalisation, businesses have looked to cloud computing and SaaS to address their information storage and management requirements. Businesses now face the challenge of quickly and securely accessing their data across this distributed network, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Protecting your business from disruption requires an enterprise-wide approach, focusing on much more than hardware, software and power. VMtech’s comprehensive approach to business continuity provides a framework that spans people, processes and technology to ensure business resilience and continuity – regardless of the challenge or problem your business may face.

VMtech’s Disaster Recovery (DRaaS) is an enterprise-grade and fully managed cloud solution which protects your business applications. We are ready 24×7 for rapid recovery of systems with minimal data loss in the event of a disaster. DRaaS leverages the MultiCloud Network to provide flexible integration options and delivers on information security, data retention and recovery requirements with management by an organisation with a pedigree in Business Continuity. We back our solution with a 4 hour recovery guarantee and frequent recovery testing to validate readiness.

VMtech’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) is an enterprise-grade backup and recovery solution which supports a broad range of applications and data sources. Our world-class infrastructure and expert consultants deliver an all-encompassing backup service for your organisation to eliminate data loss and ensure regulatory compliance.

Business Benefits:

  • DRaaS ensures your data and business services are protected
  • Our BaaS solutions are architected to ensure valuable data is protected and available to ensure a rapid return to business operations following a failure, corruption or accidental deletion.
  • Assurance that RPO and RTO targets can be achieved. Restore testing is performed as part of the service to verify data integrity and ensure that recovery targets can be met.

How our DRaaS solution works

VMtech uses industry-leading enterprise-class replication software that enables us to design and deliver infrastructure and hypervisor agnostic DR solutions that provide continuous, secure data replication from customer sites to either our Tier 3 Data Centres or directly to selected public cloud offerings. Our DRaaS comes with guarantees bounded by SLAs that are measured and tested frequently.

How our BaaS solution works

The VMtech Backup as a Service is a robust, scalable, enterprise-grade service that provides reliable data management infrastructure to suit any environment. Built on industry-leading enterprise-grade data management software VMtech can provide data protection of workloads at the application, virtual machine or physical machine level. VMtech BaaS provides the flexibility of allowing you to scale your environment based on demand. Your data is protected in our Tier 3 Data Centres, or in selected public cloud offerings. The VMtech BaaS offering comes with guarantees bounded by SLAs that are measure and test frequently.