In the modern business environment speed is critical. Legacy infrastructure has become a bottleneck for the agility, flexibility and speed required to remain competitive. Many of today’s transformational projects are difficult and expensive to achieve without modern infrastructure. Embark on rapid Datacentre modernisation or risk being left behind.

The time and expense of managing large IT Infrastructure diverts resources from key IT initiatives. Our world-class infrastructure and consultants deliver an all-encompassing service for your organisation. The platform can be further extended to include other VMtech offering such as Backup or Disaster Recovery as-a-Service.

VMtech’s Private Cloud offering is an enterprise-grade, pre-validated Datacentre platform designed to integrate with VMtech’s MultiCloud network, enabling deep integration with both our services and public cloud services from all major providers. The solution can be procured with OPEX and CAPEX models, delivers guaranteed performance, infinite scalability, extreme resilience. This service is available fully managed by the VMTech team.

Business Benefits:

  • Increased business agility through automation of common tasks
  • Improved platform visibility with intelligent operations
  • Free internal resources to focus on business challenges, not running Infrastructure
  • Scale your Datacentre Infrastructure to meet business needs as required