Public Cloud providers offer levels of scale and elasticity which suits many modern business operations. Organisations are seeking to take advantage of public cloud services to speed service delivery while reducing costs.

To realise the full benefits of these platforms a strategic approach is key. Making the right choice of cloud or on-premises environment is critical. Avoid the emergences of cloud silos, as well as the operational constraints and overhead that come with them.

We help integrate the public cloud into your existing Datacentre platforms to enable hybrid and multi cloud deployments. Connectivity and security solutions enable you to securely connect public cloud platforms to your existing network and each other. Backup and DR solutions enable you to backup cloud workloads, or use low cost cloud storage as a target to protect your existing assets.

Business Benefits:

  • Integrate public cloud without creating unnecessary silos and operational overhead
  • Simplify network integration though VMtech’s fully managed MultiCloud service
  • Secure your cloud with VMtech’s Secure Fabric